A Rose for Everafter (novel)
A rose for everafter cover
Author Richard Castle
Publication Order
Preceded by
In a Hail of Bullets
Followed by

A Rose for Everafter is the second novel written by Richard Castle.

He wrote it while he was in a relationship with Kyra Blaine, and dedicated it to her.


At the Blessed Sacrament School for Girls, Sister Mary Grace leads her young charges in daily Morning Prayer, asking the Lord their souls to keep. But the young women of Riverbend are starting to disappear, only to be found in shallow graves, wrapped in shrouds of white and grasping a red rose in their cold dead hands.

Who could be killing the town's virgin daughters? And why is he burying them alive? When Sister Mary Grace starts investigating, she discovers a trail of evidence that leads from the local rectory to the upper echelons of the archdiocese – and ultimately to a secretive organization whose provenance may be very far from godly. [1]


  • In the second season of episode twelve titled "A Rose for Everafter" (the same name as novel), Detective Esposito read the dedication from novel to Beckett. The exact wording of the dedication was "For Kyra Blaine, you make the stars shine".


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