Abe Sandrich
Abe Sandrich
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Ancient Firearms expert
Character Information
Appearances Punked
Portrayed by Thomas Kopache

Abe Sandrich is the ancient firearms expert called in by Beckett to consult on the case in "Punked".

Mr. Sandrich clearly has a passion for his chosen line of work, and is quick to point out to Beckett and Castle that under the right circumstances these older guns can kill just as easily as their modern counterparts. He corrects the detective's use of the word 'bullet' in this context, pointing out the more appropriate nature of 'lead balls'.

Mr. Sandrich informs the team that the range of potential murder weapons is too vast to safely speculate, and that the murder weapon will have to be found and matched individually to the fatal missile.

His words prove almost prophetic, as the murder weapon, in fact, turns out not to be the 18th-century flintlocks for which the lead ball was standard, but a modified modern shotgun, a cold-blooded choice for putting the fatal shot in Daniel Goldstein.

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