Adam Pike
Wikia Castle - Adam Pike
Adam Pike in his backyard
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Parents Sam Pike (father)
Eleanor Pike (mother)
Character Information
Appearances Ghosts
Portrayed by Fred Koehler

Adam Pike is a character portrayed by Fred Koehler in the ABC crime series Castle.

Adam is the son of Sam Pike, a ship's captain on an oil tanker in the 1980s who very nearly went down with his ship when it was blown up by environmental extremists in 1989.

Twenty years later, as "Ghosts" begins, Adam can't remember what it was like to have a healthy father, and can't forget a single detail of what happened, or who was responsible.

A three-person unit, comprising bombmaker Jared Swanstrom and planters Cynthia Dern and Susan Mailer, planned a "victimless crime", but sadly Sam came back at the wrong moment, and was caught in the blast. Adam, understandably looking for payback, is an obvious suspect when Cynthia, who has been living only a couple of miles away under the identity Allison Goldman, turns up dead.

When questioned by Beckett after his alibi fell through, Adam confessed that he found out Cynthia's identity through Lee Wax. He first went to his mother over what to do, who revealed that every month since the bombing, they had received money orders, which she presumed to be from Cynthia, as Susan was considered dead and Swanstrom was in jail. His only motive for stalking her was to get the courage to tell her that her blood money would not buy his forgiveness.

When he worked up the courage to confront her at the transient hotel she was staying at, only for another woman to enter the room instead. From this, Castle, who was watching through the two-way mirror, started tapping on it, telling Beckett his suspicion that it was Wax.

Later, Castle realized that it was not Cynthia who was sending Adam's family money, but Susan. He and Beckett came by the Pikes again, and using the letters, they were able to track down Susan.

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