Albert Moreno
Wikia Castle - Albert Moreno
Albert Moreno and Loreen - his predicted reward
Vital Statistics
AKA Albert "the Blade" Moreno
Gender Male
Status Alive
Loreen Carter
Character Information
Appearances "He's Dead, She's Dead"
Portrayed by David Gianopoulos

Albert Moreno is a character portrayed by David Gianopoulos in the ABC crime series Castle.

Albert Moreno, known professionally as Albert "the Blade" Moreno was a criminal who once worked as muscle for the Spolano crime family.

During a meeting with psychic Vivian Marchand three months before her death, having quit the family and looking to set himself up for retirement, Vivian recommended that Albert invest in a New Jersey real estate deal, claiming that true happiness would be his as a result, but the deal fell through two months later and he lost everything.

However, when Castle and Beckett went to talk to him after Vivian was found dead in her office, Albert explained that, while he had met Vivian on the day of her death to discuss his current financial woes as he was now forced to sell his house, she had pleaded with him to wait, on the grounds that the universe would 'sort itself out'. When he went to meet his broker when Vivian left for an appointment, Albert was pleasantly surprised to learn that the estate agent responsible for organising the sale of his house was none other than his high school sweetheart, Loreen Carter, the two retaining their feelings for each other even after breaking up in '82 and resuming their old relationship, thus providing Albert with an alibi, while confirming that he now had no reason to want Vivian dead, as her prediction had come true. ("He's Dead, She's Dead")

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