Alex Conrad
Wikia Castle - Alex Conrad
Alex Conrad's arrival in the 12th Precinct
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Writer
Character Information
Appearances "The Dead Pool"
Portrayed by Brendan Hines

Alex Conrad is a character portrayed by Brendan Hines in the ABC crime series Castle.

Alex Conrad was a first time mystery novelist and Rick Castle's protégé in "The Dead Pool". Sadly, Castle's less than sterling side was brought out by this young man, who, from his perspective, monopolised Beckett and interfered with the normal, smooth flow of events.

To take him down a peg or two, Castle exposed Alex to his poker buddies, who, as successful mystery writers, severely punctured the younger man's perhaps marginally excessive ego. Alex was last seen apparently taking Ryan and Esposito as his twin Muses, and has not returned to Castle's orbit.


Alex was used, in the universe, to draw attention to the loss of Stephen J. Cannell, who passed away September 30, 2010.

At the poker game, the new arrival goes to sit down, only to be informed in no uncertain terms that he needs to find a different seat; the one he has his hand on is Cannell's, and the rules of the poker crew declare that a "lost" member's seat remains vacant for a year, as a mark of respect.

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