Wikia Castle - Alma
Alma on Crow's social life
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Landlord
Character Information
Appearances "Vampire Weekend"
Portrayed by Amy Hill

Alma had a quiet, shy tenant, who seemed to believe he was a vampire.

As someone who'd been married to a Civil War re-enactor, Alma took this in her stride. Sadly, by the events of "Vampire Weekend", Matthew was no more, and trying to discern where the Crow flew from, Beckett and Castle descend on Alma and have her show them his place.

Matthew's talent as an artist is on display here, all around the wall, and Alma also provides the tidbit that another vamp, this time female, had visited recently, and got into a big fight with Matthew.

Alma seemed genuinely saddened by Matthew's passing, although it was the loss of an acquaintance, rather than a friend.

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