Almost Famous
Season 3, Episode 7
Almost Famous
Air date November 1, 2010
Written by Elizabeth Davis
Directed by Félix Alcalá
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Almost Famous is the seventh episode of the third season of Castle.


Beckett and Castle respond to an "Officer Down" call, only to find that the murdered "officer" is actually a male stripper wearing a police costume.



Castle S03E07 Almost Famous Promo00:30

Castle S03E07 Almost Famous Promo


Main Cast

Guest Stars


Castle: Tell me again why Ryan & Esposito couldn’t come with you?
Beckett: We all agreed as Volunteer Assistant Homicide Detective you could really sink your teeth into this avenue of investigation. And they called ‘Not it.’
Ryan: What the hell are you doing?
Esposito exhales: Up to his ears in A-Rods? I got an A-Rod for that son of a bitch. Three years varsity ball, two years Special Forces triathlon, and NYPD police calendar 2007. What?
Ryan: It was a group photo.
Esposito: I got letters.
Ryan: Yeah, three. Two of 'em from your mom.
Esposito: One of 'em was from my mom.
Ryan: Sure.
Esposito: "Twilight" my ass.
Beckett: Do you have any brochures? I'm looking for a place. Mine blew up.

Featured Music

  • "Friday Rock" - Jim Bacchi
  • "Hot In Herre" - Nelly
  • "Stars Like You" - Troy MacCubbin


  • Alexis tried out for the production of Grease at her school and was on the shortlist for Sandy, but she didn't get the part, instead she decided to be the stage manager.
  • Beckett mentions that her apartment blew up, which happened in Season 2 episode Boom!.


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