Amy Porter
Wikia Castle - Amy Porter
Amy Porter considering the future
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Greg McClintock (boyfriend)
Character Information
Appearances "Anatomy of a Murder"
Portrayed by Erin Fleming

Amy Porter is a character portrayed by Erin Fleming in the ABC crime series Castle.

Amy is the girlfriend of Greg McClintock and a convicted felon. As "Anatomy of a Murder" starts she is in prison in Katonah, New York. Amy was found guilty of driving the getaway car during a robbery, but both she and Greg maintain her innocence throughout - that her car was stolen.

Greg has built up the "Galaxy of Greg", a web of useful contacts, all women, at County Hospital where he works, and, with their unwitting assistance, he plans and executes Amy's breakout, first having her brought to the hospital seemingly suffering from a stroke.

The lovers make a getaway, but it isn't clean - Beckett and Castle piece together from their correspondence that their first date was at a Burgeropolis restaurant, and they ask the New Jersey state troopers to stake it out. Amy and Greg are apprehended, but when Greg is cleared of suspicion in the death of Dr. Valerie Monroe, because the real killer is caught, Beckett and Castle do what they can to give the lovebirds their chance at lasting happiness - Beckett refers Amy's case to the Attorney General's office, and is told it was very badly handled, such as her public defender being a 'hack' and an eyewitness's testimony that she wasn't the one driving her allegedly stolen car was ignored due to the eyewitness being mentally ill.

The AG's office says that if her conviction is overturned, then Greg's case too will be reviewed, as having arisen from a miscarriage of justice towards Amy. The two have hope - and, courtesy of Rick, burgers, from the Burgeropolis where they met.

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