Balthazar Wolf
Vital Statistics
Title Head Chef at Q3
AKA Big Bad Wolf
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Doused in LN2 by David Nicolaides
Character Information
Appearances "Food to Die For"
Portrayed by Ryan Dobson

Balthazar Wolf, also known as Big Bad Wolf, was the head chef at Q3, a restaurant owned by Madison Queller and season 6 winner of Kitchen Wars. He was murdered by his former foster brother David Nicolaides because Wolf got involved with David's girlfriend, Cecily Burkett, and got her pregnant.

When learning of Cecily's pregnancy, Wolf took $15,000 out of his account to purchase an engagement ring for her and went to break his contract with Madison at Q3 so he could leave. Wolf was doused in LN2, better known as liquid nitrogen, so he froze to death.

Wolf was the 'bad boy' of haute cuisine, the ladies' man par excellence, and in many ways the restaurant equivalent of Castle.

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