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Beau Randolph
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Adult video mogul
Founder of College Girls Gone Crazy
Candice Mayfield (one night stand)
Children Unborn daughter (with Candice)
Character Information
Appearances Head Case
Death Gone Crazy
Portrayed by Jordan Belfi

Beau Randolph was an adult video mogul, producer and founder of adult video franchise called “College Girls Gone Crazy”.

In "Head Case", Beckett and Castle learn that Randolph was the person funding Lester Hamilton's research, but Hamilton wanted to end it with Randolph, saying that he planned to post his research on the Internet.

Later, in the lead-up to "Death Gone Crazy", he learned that he was going to be a father and started to clean up his act, but was murdered by Troy Strickland, his producer for “College Girls Gone Crazy”.  Beau wanted to shut down the video franchise to lead a better life, whereas Troy was promised control over the operation whilst it was still a money-maker.

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