Ben Conrad
Wikia Castle - Ben Conrad
Ben Conrad in the FBI's sights
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Character Information
Appearances Tick, Tick, Tick…
Portrayed by Nicholas Patitucci

Ben Conrad, the perfect profile match thrown up by the FBI computers in Tick, Tick, Tick…, turns out to be bait dangled by the real killer, Scott Dunn, and like leaping trout Beckett's team and the FBI team both gulp down this dancing, delightful lure.

Only when Castle spots the discrepancy in the crime scene photos - that the gun changed hands between the window and the floor - does Conrad lose his luster, and bear closer examination.

Dunn plotted out (literally) every murder and clue to lead back to Ben, laid his trail of breadcrumbs with great care, and was gratified to see law enforcement gobble up every one.

However, after Ben's death the plan begins to unravel, since Beckett fails to die in the explosion Dunn rigged, and further, less well-prepared steps are called for.

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