Ben Lee
Ben Lee
Vital Statistics
Full Name Ling Mai Chang (birth name)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Parents Clifford Lee (father)
Other family Philip Lee (brother)
Character Information
Appearances Kick the Ballistics
Portrayed by Tim Jo

Ben Lee, born Ling Mai Chang, is the son of Clifford Lee, head of the Han Yi Tong, a Chinese merchant organization that also deals drugs.

Ben was one of the students Jane Herzfeld was tutoring. Eventually, these two fall in love, to the point where they decided to run away to Phoenix together, knowing that they cannot escape their problems here: Ben coming from a family dealing with the drug business, and Officer Carver who had set Jane up with drugs and was forcing her to gather intel on the Lees.

When Ryan and Beckett interrogate their family regarding Jane's murder, Ben is concise with his answers, but Ryan later approaches him in private after his brother, Philip, refuses to confess to the murder.

At first reluctant, Ryan convinces him to think of what Jane risked for him, and eventually agrees. Sent to have his brother confess to him with the detectives listening in on them through a wire, he gets furious and ends up confronting his brother about killing his beloved Jane. Philip threatens him with a gun but is stopped by the cops. Still fuming, he brings out his own gun and points it at his brother.

A panicked cop then promptly shoots Ben, but later it is revealed to be an act as Ryan congratulates him on his performance. He thanks Ryan for the opportunity he had given him and he is later sent to Los Angeles with Marshal Mike Drooen under witness protection program.

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