Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Motel Clerk
Character Information
Appearances Overkill
Portrayed by Stephen Full

Benny was a motel clerk from the episode Overkill.

On a Wednesday he checked in Rebecca Strong under the alias 'Scarlett O'Hara' for four nights stay on a room. The next day Damian Wilder arrived and went to O'Hara's room. Few minutes later he left the room and try to interrogate Benny about who rented the room, but Benny didn't answer his questions and Damian Wilder left.

On the fourth day, Benny went up to room because Rebecca never returned the key. He found under the bed a bag containing 75000 dollars, which he took with him to Atlantic City to gamble and have 'the three best days of his life'.

He was later picked up by the local police for setting a rodeo clown on fire, who sent him back to New York, so Beckett and Castle could question him. He was able to identify Scarlett O'Hara among the women working for Wilder.

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