Bill Wellington
Wikia Castle - Bill Wellington
Bill Wellington clarifying his position
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Tonya Wellington (divorce pending)
Character Information
Appearances "Nikki Heat"
Portrayed by Stephen Macht

Bill Wellington is a character portrayed by Stephen Macht in the ABC crime series Castle.

Wellington, described, not inaccurately, by Natalie Rhodes as looking "like a pit bull", was a very wealthy and powerful client of Stacey Collins' matchmaking service. Not until Mr. Wellington was married to bride number three, through her endeavors, however, did Stacey learn that he had the nasty tendency of dumping his brides, practically penniless, just before their pre-nups expired.

In order to right this wrong and prevent her other client, Tonya, suffering the same fate, Stacey arranged for a PI, Duke Jones, to set up a honeytrap, with Chloe Graves a.k.a "Greta Morgan" as the honey. The trio repeated this act twice more, targeting other unfaithful husbands she had introduced to their spouses, and one of these, Scott Donner, confronted and, in a struggle, killed Stacey.

This was all news to Mr. Wellington at the time of his interrogation, "Because had I known, I would have killed Stacey and Tonya! Both!"

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