Blake Wilder
Wikia Castle - Blake Wilder
Blake Wilder at ease
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Other family Damian Wilder (cousin)
Character Information
Appearances "Overkill"
Portrayed by William R. Moses

Blake Wilder is the older cousin of Damian Wilder, and in fact provided the start-up money for Damian's now multi-million dollar company, which forms the gravitational center of "Overkill".

Blake knew about his cousin's PR and legal troubles concerning the new shaving cream, but he thinks that the valuable rare books Damian collected may well have led to his death.

The unfolding saga, however, will show that Damian's bizarre death had a literally twofold cause, as one person shot him and fled, and another, Blake, came along in the dark, not knowing of the shooting, and bludgeoned him. Damian's virtues truly caught up with him, as Blake's crimes and financial woes led him inexorably to prison.

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