• When making a new episode article, copy and paste all the stuff below into the new article (not with Rich Text Editor, only with wikicode editor).
    • Replace items based on comment notes (<!-- comment -->).
    • Comment out or delete sections that do not apply or you can't fill in.
    • Put {{stub}} at the top of the article, if you didn't get a chance to fill out most of the sections (having no Quotes, Notes, Trivia, References, or See Also sections are okay).

{{Infobox actor
|Image       = [[File:<!--image-->|250px]]
|Character   = [[<!--character-->]]
|Birthday    = <!--birthday--> 
|Birth Place = <!--birthplace--> 
|Appearances = [[<!--character--> - List of Appearances]]
'''<!--actor name-->''' plays [[<!--character-->]] on the ABC series ''[[Castle]]''. <!--more actor info-->

== External Links ==
* {{imdb_name|<!--imdb # code-->|<!--actor name}}
* [[wikipedia:<!--wikipedia page name-->|<!--actor name-->]] at Wikipedia

{{DEFAULTSORT:<!--Lastname-->, <!--Firstname-->}}

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