Wikia Castle - Brandon
Brandon in all his certainty
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances Hedge Fund Homeboys
Portrayed by Nolan Gerard Funk

Brandon was a student at Redding Prep, and one of a clique of friends. He was the mastermind in the death.

He had recently started to date his friend Amanda after her previous boyfriend, Donny Kendall - another of their group - had stopped paying attention to her, due to a family crisis that culminated in Donny's father losing his job.

However, Brandon's sheer arrogance left him almost incapable of accepting the knowledge that he was merely Amanda's second choice.

To this end, he exploited the group's habit of playing a game of mock 'Russian Roulette' with fake bullets by planting a real bullet in the gun, when Max Heller was firing it at Donny during a late-night rendezvous in Central Park, resulting in Max shooting Donny by accident.

After the rest of the group had run off, Brandon returned to the bench where Donny's body had been left, and dragged it to a boat in the lake, intending to make it look like a drug deal gone wrong.

Even after the truth about the Russian Roulette game came out, Brandon attempted to divert suspicion, by getting the increasingly-guilty Max drunk and killing him in a manner intended to look like a suicide.

He also revealed that he had kept a recording Amanda had made of the event, on their BlueTooth-linked cellphones, to confirm their story.

However, Castle realized that there was no reason for them to tape that particular event - as it was not a novelty, but rather something they had done several times before - unless someone knew that the game that night would be important, and Max's high blood-alcohol count at the time of death made it unlikely that he was conscious enough to pull the trigger.

Although Brandon casually but arrogantly dismissed this new evidence, by claiming that his family could provide any number of experts to 'confirm' that Max's death was a suicide, analysis of Brandon and Max's phones revealed that the phones had linked when Max was killed, meaning that Brandon had to have been within 20 feet of Max.

Castle subsequently tricked Brandon into confessing to the crime by pretending to 'sympathize' with Brandon's arrogant belief that others should recognize how great he was.

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