Camille Roberts
Wikia Castle - Camille Roberts
Camille Roberts as a suspect
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Derek Brookner † (boyfriend)
Character Information
Appearances Almost Famous
Portrayed by Austin Highsmith

Camille Roberts is a one-time girlfriend of Derek Brookner, and, as we enter the timeline of "Almost Famous".

She has had a fight with him and stormed out of a party soon after, a chain of events with trouble written all over it, as Beckett and Castle have just found Derek's body.

It transpires that Derek took a restraining order out against Camille, which, although they had since become friends again, according to her, makes Camille also Beckett's prime suspect as the case begins. Camille explains that Derek stripping was a shock as, back in acting school, everyone had him down as "Most Likely To Succeed". Camille eventually alibis out and is left to mourn her loss.

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