Carol Thornton
Wikia Castle - Carol Thornton
Carol Thornton refusing to play ball
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Ike Thornton (husband)
Children Tim Thornton (son)
Character Information
Appearances "Den of Thieves"
Portrayed by Abby Brammell

Carol Thornton is a character portrayed by Abby Brammell in the ABC crime series Castle.

Carol Thornton was the widow of Ike Thornton, late of the 54th Precinct. Ike had been Esposito's partner back in the day, but had come under suspicion from IA of having links to Victor Racine, a crime boss, and had disappeared, apparently eliminated by Racine. When Ike's fingerprint turns up on a dead body it emerges that he faked his death, in order not to be imprisoned on trumped-up charges, and continued his investigation into Racine.

Unfortunately, the man he persuaded to help him gather vital evidence, Paul Finch, was the murder victim whose case Beckett and Castle are now looking in to. Carol tries, without making an absolute admission that Ike's still alive, to get Esposito to back off, but since Ike, at this point, was the prime suspect in the Finch case, this is something he cannot do.

Presumably, with Ike exonerated, the Thornton family can look forward to a (relatively) normal life together after the events of "Den of Thieves".

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