Chloe Graves
Wikia Castle - Chloe Graves
Chloe Graves at first glance
Vital Statistics
Title Assistant to Duke Jones
Gender Female
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances "Nikki Heat"
Portrayed by Kelly Thiebaud

Chloe Graves is Duke Jones' assistant or at least that's how the team meet her during "Nikki Heat".

In fact, her real name is Greta Morgan, a former exotic dancer with a record, and now the honey in Duke and Stacey Collins' honeytrap. When Stacey is murdered and Duke drops off the grid, Greta goes into business for herself, but her involvement in the marital sting operation sees her arrested by Ryan and Esposito, and questioned by Beckett and "Nikki Heat" (Natalie Rhodes ).

Greta cracks at the thought of hard time, and reveals that there were a total of three targets of the honeytrap, which in turn leads the team to the killer's true identity.