Christian Dahl
Christian Dahl
Vital Statistics
Title Investor
Gender Male
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Naomi Dahl (ex-Wife)
Character Information
Appearances "Poof! You're Dead"
Portrayed by Brett Cullen

Christian Dahl was a billionaire who had allegedly made his fortune in investments. However, he was under investigation by the SEC when they discovered evidence that his fortune had been stolen rather than earned, prompting him to hire magic-trick-designer Zalman Drake to fake his death in a plane accident.

Although the plan worked - Drake designing a dummy and remote control device that gave the impression Dahl was on a plane when it took off, the plane subsequently exploding in mid-air thanks to C-4 explosive inside it - Dahl, wanting to ensure that his survival stayed secret, killed Drake and set it up to look like a suicide. However, various anomalies about his death allowed the team to work out what had happened, Richard Castle deducing that Dahl could be found attending his own funeral due to his theatrical nature.

Although Dahl tried to bluff his way through Castle and Kate Beckett's attempts to make him confess, Beckett arranged a deception with the aid of Tobias Strange - a magician Drake had designed numerous tricks for - and Edmund Drake, Zalman Drake's twin brother that made it appear that Zalman's ghost was haunting Dahl in the interview room, terrifying him into admitting his role in the death.

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