Clifford Stuckey
Clifford Stuckey
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances Under the Gun
Portrayed by James Handy

Clifford Stuckey is an ex-con who appeared on Castle episodes Under the Gun.

Stuckey's fingerprints were found at the scene where Deon Carver was murdered. He owned the apartment in which Random Pierce has slumped after his release from prison.

Ryan and Esposito to visit him, which turns out to be an older gentleman with a walker and hearing problems. He reports that he has spoken with Carver to speak with the burglar and to convince him that he is on the wrong track.

When it was adopted Beckett noted that Stuckey has seen the symbol document closely.

It turned out that he stole gems along with Malcolm Lloyd some 20 years ago, but the gems were never found. It turns out also that the document is a treasure map that shows the hiding place of the gems.

He later appeared with a gun in the cemetery on where the gems are hidden, just like Brooke and Royce . All aim their weapons on each other. Castle must be in the grave, and will continue to dig for the gems. He distracts Stuckey and Carver, Beckett and Royce so they can arrest them.

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