Damian Wilder
Wikia Castle - Damien Wilder
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Other family Blake Wilder (cousin)
Character Information
Appearances Overkill
Portrayed by unidentified actor (uncredited)

Damian Wilder is a massively successful businessman and, as Overkill moves into gear, a corpse.

Damian is the victim, in this case, of a particularly brutal crime, since he was both shot in the chest and bludgeoned over the head, the latter proving fatal.

Wilder's cosmetics company has recently come out with " a barber in a can" hot shaving foam, which Castle raves about, much to Beckett and Lanie's amusement. However, it soon comes to light that there were product testing concerns with this new line. So, who killed him and why? To save animals, money or embarrassment?

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