Dan Middleberry
Wikia Castle - Dan Middleberry
Dan Middleberry looking back
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive / Widower
Children Amber Middleberry (daughter, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances "Pretty Dead"
Portrayed by William Francis McGuire

Dan Middleberry is a character portrayed by William Francis McGuire in the ABC crime series Castle.

Dan Middleberry was a man who did not seem remotely to deserve what life did to him. A widower whose wife had died a good decade earlier, he was the father of aspiring beauty pageant Miss Illinois, Amber Middleberry.

When Amber's body stopped the show, Dan was the first interview Beckett and Castle conducted, and it was clear that the meaning of his life came to him vicariously, through the daughter he adored, perhaps more so because she was all he had left.

How the news of his daughter's real fate and activities was broken, and taken, is not shown, but is the kind of collateral damage to such a case which is painful even to contemplate.

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