Darren Thomas
Darren Thomas
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Leslie Morgan (wife) - presumed divorce pending
Other family Owen Thomas (brother, deceased)
Amy Morgan (sister-in-law, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances Once Upon a Crime
Portrayed by Taylor Kinney

Darren Thomas, who first appears as the rock on which his wife, Leslie Morgan, can lean in her time of loss, as she hears of her sister's death in the woods and a Little Red Riding Hood costume (presumably in reverse order), is soon himself all at sea, trying to hold on to the shattered fragments of his marriage, when it is discovered that he was blackmailing Amy.

Amy, however, was not alone; she was joined by Kristina Curtis and Charlotte Boyd, one of whom killed Darren's brother, Owen, in a 2005 hit-and-run, and the other two covered it up.

Darren deduced the trio's involvement in his brother's death after discovering a photo of the four friends when cleaning out Leslie's father's attic.

Instead of going to the police with this discovery, criticizing them for failing to deduce the truth, he copied the picture and sent it to the three girls, asking for money to conceal his discovery. He claimed that he was going to use the money to set up a scholarship fund in Owen's name.

When his connection with the blackmail was discovered by Beckett's team, he was also accused of murdering Amy and Kristina, which he denied.

The real murderer was later discovered to be Charlotte, who was also the one behind the wheel when the car hit Owen and, therefore, had more to lose if either of the other two decided to confess.

As the curtain comes down on this chapter, Darren is looking at jail time, with no possibility of conjugal visits.

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