Flowers For Your Grave (novel)
Author Richard Castle
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Flowers For Your Grave is a novel by Richard Castle.


Four murders in and the NYPD are still desperate for a lead on the serial killer that the tabloids are calling ‘The Florist.’ Struggling journalist Leroy Fine knows if he cracked this story he could get back everything he’s lost – his job, his wife, his self-respect. So when Leroy uncovers a piece of evidence the cops have overlooked, he begins his own private investigation into the twisted and deadly world of The Florist. But as Leroy gets closer to discovering the killer’s identity, he soon realizes he’s put himself and everyone he loves in mortal danger. Now Leroy must decipher the Florist’s riddles and unmask his identity… or end up the latest flower-covered corpse on the Ledger’s front page. [1]


  • In the pilot episode Castle describes this novel, along with Hell Hath No Fury, as his "truly lesser works".



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