Frank Anderson
Wikia Castle - Frank Anderson
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Single gunshot wound
Children Christina Marx (daughter)
Other family Eric Marx (son-in-law)
Character Information
Appearances "The Double Down"
Portrayed by Unknown male actor

Frank Anderson is a murder victim that Ryan and Esposito are assigned to investigate in "The Double Down".

Frank was killed by Jason Cosway, cause of death being a single gunshot wound to the midsection in the back. Cosway staged the incident to look like a mugging gone wrong. Frank was the father of Christina Marx, whose husband Eric 'traded murders' with Cosway, killing Cosway's wife Ashley whilst the other man established a rock-solid alibi.

Eric wanted Frank's rent-controlled apartment, which would stay that way if the lease was taken over by a family member, i.e. his wife. He had also borrowed money from his father-in-law, which Frank was pressuring him to pay back.

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