"You don't understand detective. You woke the dragon, this is so much bigger than you realize."
Gary McCallister
Gary McCallister
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Killed by Hal Lockwood
Occupation Former NYDP Officer
Character Information
Appearances "Knockdown"
Portrayed by Brian Goodman

Gary McCallister was an old pal of John Raglan and also a crooked cop. He was involved with the kidnapping scheme of mafia and the shooting that led to the death of undercover cop Bob Armen and assisted in framing Joe Pulgatti.

When he is interrogated, he warns Beckett and Castle by saying "You woke the dragon", and swears someone else ordered the hits on Kate Beckett's mom, Johanna Beckett. He seems to be hiding from someone, as he frames Vulcan Simmons in order to conceal his own part in Johanna Beckett's death, and that person wasn't a cop. He is taken into custody later for his involvement in the murder of Johanna Beckett. ("Knockdown")

When Hal Lockwood is transferred to the general population center of their prison, Lockwood finds his cell and kills him, following orders from the unknown boss. McAllister tells Lockwood, "Don't make a mess of it, OK?" before he is killed, showing that he knows, and is resigned to, what is coming. ("Knockout")


McCallister has appeared in every episode Lockwood appeared in, and is the one who nicknamed the man who ordered Johanna Beckett's death "The Dragon" because of how powerful the man is. Until his name was revealed in Season Five, the name was used by fans to describe the mastermind.

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