Hank Walters
Hank Walters
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Other family Tom Walters (nephew)
Character Information
Appearances Lucky Stiff (photo only)
Portrayed by Unknown actor's photo

Hank Walters was the elderly neighbour of Jay Hixton when he lived in Florida.

Although his only living biological relative was his nephew Tom, Walters also had a 'son' in the form of Shawn York, the son of a woman he had dated for five years, the two remaining close even after Walters broke up with Shawn's mother.

While on his deathbed, Walters asked Hixton to buy his lottery ticket for him using his usual numbers - his birth date and Shawn's birthday - but coincidentally died on the day that the lottery numbers were announced before he could claim the ticket himself. Hixton claimed the ticket as his own, but was left struggling with his guilt over the questionable circumstances under which he had acquired the money.

Shawn eventually tracked down and killed Hixton to 'avenge' the perceived sleight and his inability to receive his heritage from his 'father'.

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