Howard Weisberg
Howard Weisberg
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Network President
Character Information
Appearances "The Late Shaft"
Portrayed by Dan Cortese

Howard Weisberg is the president of the network.

Weisberg was plotting to fire Bobby due to low ratings. When his employees remind him that his contract will last for five more years, Weisberg speculates on how easy it would be for Bobby to have a "heart attack", and how Mickey Reed has been asking to replace Bobby for weeks. Weisberg proves to be every bit as charming and convivial as he was the first time he was in the precinct.

Only this time, he's cut short by the inadmissible but damning recordings. He explains that he did threaten Bobby with termination and paying Bobby the $80 million penalty clause if Bobby didn't start making major changes to appeal to a younger audience.

He had no reason to kill Bobby Mann. He even has an alibi. When the investigation into Bobby's murder is aired, Weisberg is enraged as another network had aired the story first and yelled at Captain Roy Montgomery, Castle and Beckett for it.

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