In a Hail of Bullets
Author Richard Castle
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
A Rose for Everafter

In a Hail of Bullets is the first novel by Richard Castle.


Richard Castle’s smash debut novel, In a Hail of Bullets introduced the world to his electrifying mix of mystery, action, and intrigue. When rookie NYPD detective David McAllister is called to a crime scene on the Upper West Side, he finds a murdered Broadway actress and a seemingly open and shut case.

But when the main suspect commits suicide, McAllister senses there’s something going on and refuses to let the case go. As he digs deeper into the murder, McAllister soon finds himself hunted by the most powerful people in the city. He must solve the case quickly – or find himself the latest victim of it. [1]


  • Richard Castle claimed to have wrote much of this novel in a booth of a pub called the Old Haunt. It sold over three million copies. (Last Call)
  • Castle stated that In a Hail of Bullets was rejected 21 times before it was published. Castle keeps the first rejection letter for it and which he had framed in his office as motivation and to remind him of what he has "overcome". (Head Case)


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