Jacey Goldberg
Wikia Castle - Jacey Goldberg
Jacey Goldberg arguing the need for more surgery
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive (questionable sanity)
Spouse(s) Jack Goldberg
Character Information
Appearances A Death in the Family
Portrayed by DeLane Matthews

Jacey Goldberg is a character portrayed by DeLane Matthews in the ABC crime series Castle.

Jacey Goldberg was a client of plastic surgeon, and murder victim, Dr. Joshua Leeds. After undergoing three face-lifts - leaving her with an appearance that Captain Roy Montgomery noted should have resulted in her being arrested for violating the laws of nature - she requested a fourth, but Leeds rejected it, prompting her to try and sue him for malpractise before the case was thrown out. She was subsequently committed for psychiatric evaluation by her husband Jack for her 'addiction' to plastic surgery, with Leeds testifying in favour of her receiving a month of psychiatric evaluation.

During questioning, she claimed that all the procedures she wanted from Leeds were medically necessary, but nevertheless drew a distinction between ruining and killing him. She also revealed that she had an alibi for the time of Leeds' murder as she was undergoing surgery at the time around her thighs.

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