Jesse Friedman
Wikia Castle - Jesse Friedman
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Character Information
Appearances "47 Seconds"
Portrayed by Samuel Child

Jesse Friedman, a guiding light in the "Takeover!" movement, is clearly a determined and dedicated protestor. It is revealed, as the episode "47 Seconds" unfolds, that his commitment extended to planning and planting a small bomb, designed to make it look as if his movement were under attack, and thus garner public sympathy.

Tragically, the device Jesse created was moved from its original, relatively harmless, location, and, in its detonation, claimed five lives, his own included. Jesse was, at the moment of his death, attempting to prevent the detonation.

His co-conspirator, and the detonator of the bomb, was Leann West, who received his "go" call, but not, sadly, the abort call he made only moments later. Thus the reporter ended up being responsible for multiple deaths.

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