Jimmy Lennon
Wikia Castle - Jimmy Lennon
Jimmy Lennon getting his position spelled out for him by Beckett
Vital Statistics
Full Name Janusz Lenadovsky (birth name)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances "The Dead Pool"
Portrayed by Zoran Radanovich

Jimmy Lennon, born Janusz Lenadovsky in Minsk, Belarus, was a small-time, but prolific and violent, criminal, who, by the events of "The Dead Pool", had turned his attentions to Grand Theft Auto - the live action version.

Two of the guys collecting raw material for him were Tommy Marcone and his bestie from high school, N.Y.U.'s champion swimmer, Zach Lindsey.

So when Zach's body floated to the surface in his training pool, Jimmy was a person of great interest to Beckett and Castle. Jimmy. however, alibied out on the murder, although presumably his light-fingered ways have put him in a prison somewhere.

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