Joe Pulgatti
Joe Pulgatti
Vital Statistics
Title Mafia Enforcer
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances "Knockdown"
Portrayed by John Kapelos

Joe Pulgatti was a Mafia enforcer who was framed for the death of Bob Armen, an undercover cop looking into the Mafia, by John Raglan, the arresting officer, Gary McCallister and Assistant District Attorney William Bracken.

Pulgatti tells Beckett that the FBI agent’s murder wasn’t a hit. It was an attempted abduction gone south. Professional kidnappers were snatching up members of all five mafia families back then.

Detective Beckett’s mom, Johanna, answered a letter from Pulgatti and promised to look into his case. Then she was murdered. Pulgatti warns, “There’s nothing more dangerous out there than a killer with a badge.” (Knockdown)

The police later uncovered evidence in the form of a cassette recording made by Roy Montgomery that proved Pulgatti had been framed. Its unknown if he was released.

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