Juan Restrepo
Juan Restrepo
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Lucia Gomez (ex-girlfriend)
Children Angela Candela (Give up for adopting)
Character Information
Appearances "Little Girl Lost"
Portrayed by Francis Capra

Juan Respetro was a soldier and the biological father of Angela Candela, an adopted child who was the subject of a kidnapping case.

Although Juan agreed to the original adoption plan when his then-girlfriend Lucia Gomez told him that she was pregnant while he was off in Iraq, he sustained an injury during combat duty that would make it impossible for him to father children in the future.

As a result, when he returned to New York, he attempted to track Angela down in order to at least see the only child he would ever have, although his efforts briefly made him a suspect in his daughter's kidnapping, as he forged his ex-girlfriend's signature to get permission to access the adoption records.

When approached by Beckett's team and FBI Agent Will Sorenson at his mechanics job, he reacts by bolting, only to be captured. When questioned by Beckett, Juan explains he only ran because it was a rule he learned growing up.

When accused of kidnapped Angela and attempting to extort a ransom from her adoptive parents, he reacts with shock and insists that his only motive was to see if Angela was doing fine.

Juan's co-workers vouched that he was working at the time Angela was kidnapped. Sorenson still suspected him because he had motive but Castle reasoned that if Juan had kidnapped Angela, he'd be with her and not at work.

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