Kathleen Park
Kathleen Park trying to get up to speed
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances "Almost Famous"
Portrayed by Samantha Quan

Kathleen Park is the maid of honor and best friend of Jamie Ruiz, and arranged for "Officer McNaughty" a.k.a Derek Brookner to be the bachelorette party entertainment in "Almost Famous".

However, when the actor/stripper turns up dead, Beckett drags Kathleen and her 'posse' down to the precinct, to provide a full account of the night's events.

Between throwing up and hanger-overs this proves quite a challenge, although Kathleen does at least remember the name of the company she hired the "officer" from, and is able to identify, after a few attempts to focus, Camille Roberts as the member of their group arguing with the victim. She seems to feel that everything that happened was a small price to pay for sending her best friend off in style.

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