L.T. Tolliver
Character NYPD Uniform Officer
Appearances "Hell Hath No Fury"
"A Deadly Affair"
"Poof! You're Dead" (uncredited)
"Setup" (uncredited)
"Slice of Death" (uncredited)
"Pretty Dead" (uncredited)
"Secret's Safe with Me" (uncredited)
"Child's Play" (uncredited)

L.T. Tolliver is an actor who plays NYPD Uniform Officer on Castle.

Tolliver had (minor) speaking roles in two episodes in two separate seasons, and a named but unspeaking appearance in a third. He appears in the background, or without comment in several other episodes. He is also credited as LT Tolliver.

Tolliver on Castle


Tolliver as NYPD Uniform Officer in Hell Hath No Fury.

In Hell Hath No Fury, he found victim Jeff Horn's wallet within moments of climbing into a dumpster after Ryan and Esposito had been searching for quite a while.

While his character isn't named in the credits for either episode, Ryan calls him "Scott". He also walks into the observation booth as Castle is doing his 'loser dance' about Calvin Creason.

In A Deadly Affair, he allows Castle to search the crime scene after Castle leads him to believe that he was working with Beckett again.

In "Poof! You're Dead" he is the officer who takes Christian Dahl down to holding, although he is not named, and has no dialogue.

Castle walks into the Twelfth in "Setup" laughing and smiling with L.T., then sees Beckett and Josh together.

Ralph Carbone, one of the many 'Nicks', is escorted away from the interrogation in "Slice of Death" by L.T..

As Beckett and Castle prepare to demolish Bobby Stark's alibi in "Pretty Dead", L.T. is standing guard outside "the box".


Tolliver, again on Castle with Richard Castle played by Nathan Fillion

He appears in an uncredited, non-speaking role in Secret's Safe with Me, where he helps Ryan and Castle bring in boxes of evidence from the case. In both "Secret" and "Affair", Castle greets him as "L.T." Since Lieutenant (abbreviated "Lt") is too high a rank for his role, this is likely a gaffe.

L.T. furnishes the team with a current address on their main suspect halfway through "Child's Play".

Actor Information

Actors occasionally deviate from the script to refer to a recurring but unnamed character by a name. This sometimes results in them attracting enough attention to gain more substantial roles in a show. Most famously, the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series had several such "promoted extras" emerge, several of whom became major characters by the end of the series.

Tolliver also has a bit part in an episode of Dexter, where he also plays a uniform police officer.

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