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Season 6, Episode 13
Castle 6x13-Limelight
Air date January 20, 2014
Written by Rob Hanning
Directed by Bill Roe
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"Deep Cover"
"Dressed To Kill"
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Season 6
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Limelight[1] is the thirteenth episode of the sixth season of Castle.


When a rising young pop star is found dead in an alley, Castle and Beckett delve into the victim’s out-of-control hard-partying lifestyle, but as they dig deeper, a shocking revelation threatens to rock their investigation.



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Castle 6x13 Promo


Main Cast

Guest Cast


Castle: It took me less time to write the last Derek Storm novel and although both are works of fiction as least that one was believable.
Castle: Yeah, and just because I’m a public figure doesn’t mean you need to be one too, I know.
Beckett: Exactly.
Castle: As long as you don’t mind this sort of thing happening.
Beckett: I don’t. ‘Cause it’s not true. And it only gives me more material to torture you with.
Castle: And the student becomes the master.
Beckett: Do you believe everything that they write in the newspapers?
Esposito: Hell no. I mean, except for that thing between Castle and his ex-wife, I mean…
Beckett: Where’s Castle?
Ryan: He’s having dinner with his other ex-wife. Something about her not wanting to feel left out.
Esposito: Good one.
Ryan: He’s holed up in the break room writing that letter for Alexis’ boyfriend.
Beckett: Thank you.
Alexis: The thing about my boyfriend is, I thought I was being so grown up, moving in with him, getting my own place, but now it’s my whole life and I’m pretty sure I've made a huge mistake. Do you know why I’m helping him with his grant application? Because if he gets it, he’ll have to travel.
Mandy Sutton: That is messed up. You need tell him.
Alexis: Tell him what? That I've changed my mind? I don’t want a relationship? We have a lease.
Mandy: That’s romantic.
Alexis: And he doesn't deserve it. He hasn't done anything wrong. Oh, and then there’s my Dad. What do I tell him, huh? That he was right all along? That I wasn't ready?
Mandy: I wish I would have said that. I wasn't ready for so many things.
Alexis: Do you ever look back on something you've done and it’s like someone else is doing it?
Mandy: You’re kidding, right?
Beckett: Castle?
Castle: Hum?
Beckett: Should I be worried about your commitment to our engagement?
Castle: No, why?
Beckett: Because it says right here you’re getting back together with your ex-wife.
Castle: What?

Featured Music

  • "Applause" - Lady Gaga


  • In this episode, Beckett decides to announce to the papers her engagement to Castle.
  • At the end of this episode, Alexis expressed doubt about her relationship with Pi.
  • Beckett chooses to announce her and Castle's engagement partly because the newspapers were suggesting that he was getting back together with his ex-wife, Gina Cowell, who does not appear. The other part was because she wanted any story about Castle's love life to be about them.


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