Lisa Jenkins
Wikia Castle - Lisa Jenkins
Lisa Jenkins explaining her role
Vital Statistics
Title VP
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation VP of cosmetic company
Character Information
Appearances Overkill
Portrayed by Julie Claire

Lisa Jenkins is the VP of Damian Wilder's massively successful cosmetics company, and as such has to deal with the extremists who protest little things, like minor ethical animal testing issues.

These people, however, can be rabid in their devotion to their furry friends, and it's Lisa's opinion that one of these branded Damian a "murderer" and then killed him and wrote that in his blood.

It seems as possible as anything else, especially when Beckett and Castle meet the activist in question, Lance Newman, who is possessed of a certain fanatical gleam in the eye.

Damian, nevertheless, was not "simply" shot and used as paint, he was also bludgeoned over the head, an unnecessary and sadistic touch given that Damian was already bleeding out.

In the end the duo discovers that in fact it was Lisa who shot Damian, to prevent him holding a press conference which would reveal her own criminal misconduct. Someone else, unaware of this, came minutes later with the same objective in mind, picked up a heavy object in the dark, and smashed it over Damian's skull.

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