Matthew Freeman
Vital Statistics
Full Name Matthew McGinty (birth name)
Matthew Freeman (legal name)
AKA Crow
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Parents Alan Freeman (father)
Elizabeth Dryden McGinty (mother, deceased)
Janice Freeman (step-mother)
Other family Rosie Freeman (sister)[1]
Character Information
Appearances Vampire Weekend
Portrayed by Unknown actor

Matthew Freeman was an art student with a vampire 'fetish', to the extent that he called himself 'Crow' and had fake incisors grafted onto his real teeth.

As a young child, he witnessed his then-nanny murder his mother Elizabeth Dryden right in front of him, but he was so young that he blotted the traumatic memory out, although he continued to dream about his mother well into his adult life, even after his father married the nanny and they moved to New York.

While at college, he began working with an anthropology student, Jonas Westfall, he had befriended to help him carry out research for his dissertation, in the process of which Jonas discovered an article about the discovery of Matthew's mother's body.

Although he did not know the woman's identity, he recognized her from his dreams, prompting his stepmother to kill him by staking him through the heart and leave his body in a cemetery, in an attempt to create the impression that his death was the result of his vampire fetish rather than the more personal motive it was in reality.


  1. Unknown if she was his full or half sister

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