Michael Trucco
Character Tom Demming
Birthday June 22, 1970
Birth Place San Mateo, California, USA
Appearances Tom Demming - List of Appearances

Edward Michael Trucco is an American actor who plays Castle's rival for Kate's affections, Robbery Detective Tom Demming.

The actor is best known for playing Caprica resistance leader and later pilot Samuel T Anders on Battlestar Galactica the ship in the 2004 Battlestar Galactica TV series


A native of San Mateo, California, he attended Junipero Serra High School. The son of a police officer, he was interested in being one himself until college, when he was attracted to theatrical performance. He took a theatre course for non-majors while he was studying Criminal Justice, but he did so well that he was asked to consider changing majors. He changed majors and completed his bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts at the Santa Clara University.

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