Mike Hoover
Wikia Castle - Mike Hoover
Mike Hoover establishing his credentials
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Comic book store manager
Character Information
Appearances Heroes and Villains
Portrayed by Eric Tiede

Mike Hoover is the kind of geeked-out comic book fanboy/store manager at Comicadia who feeds the prejudices of those who look for more robust entertainments, but he's just what Castle and Beckett need in their hunt for the vigilante at the heart of Heroes and Villains.

He also delights Rick by apologizing for his failure to issue a spoiler alert when discussing the "Derrick Storm" graphic novel, as Kate's name is, apparently, on the store's pre-order list for a copy.

Mike recognizes the photo of the vigilante, and introduces the duo to the online hero, Lone Vengeance.

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