Mr. Kendall
Wikia Castle - Mr. Kendall
The Kendalls coming to terms with their loss
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Mrs. Kendall
Children Donny Kendall (son, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances "Hedge Fund Homeboys"
Portrayed by David A. Kimball

Mr. Kendall has the air, when we meet him in "Hedge Fund Homeboys", of a man mildly numbed by the repeated blows of fate, but doing his very best to fulfill his obligations as the head of a household, and not show the strain.

He exhibits clear, and from an academic standpoint justifiable, pride in his son, Donny, believing him to have been a strong person, preserving his dignity despite the family's straitened financial circumstances. He had been a partner at a prestigious law firm until a few months earlier, and obviously, and understandably, was a little sensitive to perceived criticism of his skills as a provider. He had, however, swallowed enough of his pride to inform the school of the family's difficulties in paying the fees, and Donny had consequently been given a scholarship. The Kendalls had, in happier times, been extremely generous to the school with their donations, so it's entirely possible that they had, in a way, pre-paid Donny's tuition.

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