Murder Most Fowl
Season 3, Episode 8
Murder Most Fowl
Air date November 8, 2010
Written by Matt Pyken
Directed by Bryan Spicer
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Season 3
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Murder Most Fowl is the eighth episode of the third season of Castle.


Beckett and Castle discover the brutal kidnapping of a boy while investigating the shooting death of a subway worker in Central Park.



Castle S03E08 Murder Most Fowl00:31

Castle S03E08 Murder Most Fowl


Main Cast

Guest Stars


Castle: That’s what I love about the subway. Down here, everyone’s got a story.
Castle: What's the strangest pet you ever had?
Beckett: You.
Robber: Don't look at me.
Montgomery: No, look at me. I suggest you drop your weapons.
Castle: When Alexis was 4, we went Christmas shopping in some mall in white plains.
Beckett: Where did you find her?
Castle: Behind a rack of coats. She got bored so she went to sleep.

Featured Music

  • "Infiltraitor" - Cliff Lin
  • "Salt & Spoon" - Pajaro Sunrise


  • It appears that Martha doesn't like rats.
  • Castle recalls a time when he almost lost Alexis once in some mall in White Plains when she was 4.


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