Nick Keller
Wikia Castle - Nick Keller
Attorney Nick Keller interceding for his client
Vital Statistics
Title Attorney
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Defense Attorney
Character Information
Appearances Law and Murder
Portrayed by Jeremy Glazer

Nick Keller is a character portrayed by Jeremy Glazer in the ABC crime series Castle.

Keller was the attorney representing Otis Williams when he stood trial in "Law & Murder" for the killing of Lyla Addison.

In light of the fact that he was going up against the D.A. himself, Lou Karnacki, and given the weight of evidence, albeit predominantly circumstantial, against his client, Mr. Keller must have been an idealist of a high order to mount such a thorough and spirited defense of said client.

He fulfilled his role with equal tenacity and perspicacity outside the courtroom, keeping Beckett from interrogating his client in the corridor over the death of Joe McUsic, and, later in the police station, tacitly encouraging Otis to trust her and give her any information he could in the poisoning investigation.

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