Paul Whittaker
Wikia Castle - Paul Whittaker
Paul Whittaker awaiting the outcome
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Reporter
Ann Hastings
Character Information
Appearances Heroes and Villains
Portrayed by Kenneth Mitchell

Paul Whittaker is a character portrayed by Kenneth Mitchell in the ABC crime series Castle.

Whittaker, a mild-mannered reporter whose beat includes the 12th Precinct, fits Castle's psychological profile for the vigilante Lone Vengeance to a t, or l.

He has access to information on criminals, he has a pretext, in his "street clothes", for being at crime scenes, and he would be likely to have formed a personal bond with the cops whose hands were tied when it came to a certain type of criminal.

So, Castle is convinced he's their man. Beckett , who prefers both her bad guys and good guys slightly less colorful, isn't so sure, especially given that Paul is a former graphic artist, but the boys (as, on this occasion, Ryan is matching Castle notion for notion) are having too much fun for her to stop them . . . right away.

When Beckett pulls him in, and they turn up the heat, Paul confesses - but there are cracks in the foundation of his statement and the duo realize that, for reasons as yet unknown, Paul is looking to protect the real killer, and be the fall guy.

When Castle deduces that the graphic artist is the comic book's author, then he, as a writer, suddenly needs a Muse - in this case, Lone Vengeance. Tracked to his "Fortress of Solitude", the vigilante proves to be - Officer Ann Hastings.

When the smoke and dust settles, and it's shown that none of the "good" Lone Vengeances were in any manner responsible for Tyler Faris's murder, but that it was the work of a dyed-in-the-wool villain, this writer gets rather more by way of reward from his Muse than the home team's star author.

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