Paula Haas
Paula haas
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Book Agent
Character Information
Appearances When the Bough Breaks
Portrayed by Debi Mazar

Paula Haas is Rick Castle's book publisher.

She once spent a night with him, which served as the "inspiration" for a chapter in his novel, Storm Fall.

At the time of the release of Heat Wave, she arranged as three-book-deal for Castle to take over a "certain British secret agent" franchise. However, Castle decided to continue the Nikki Heat series and work with Detective Beckett instead.

Paula is an almost total contrast to Gina, seeming extremely brash, blunt to the point of rudeness and unconcerned about who might overhear her comments. She indicates that her interest in Castle, at this point in his career, is, primarily at least, as a cash cow, when she suggests that he sleeps with Beckett to get her out of his system, and then comes to her office to sign the secret agent deal.


  • She is the only character that has been seen the once connect to Castle, even been mention since then.