Pete "Pickup Pete" Mucha
Wikia Castle - Pickup Pete
Pickup Pete looking for cops in all the wrong places
Vital Statistics
AKA Pickup Pete
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances Last Call
Portrayed by Rand Holdren

Pete Mucha, also universally known as Pickup Pete, is, in the estimation of Detectives Ryan and Esposito, the drunkest murder suspect of 2010, an accolade he largely takes in his stride, with just a brief inquiry as to the attendant prize.

When, however, his attention finally settles on the homicidal component of the statement, Pete becomes almost excessively helpful, pointing out that Donny Hayes paid him, in cash, for the damage to his truck where Donny had hit it with the baseball bat, an alibi which his repair shop, who were paid with the same cash, confirms.

Pete was sleeping off another binge when Donny died, at a friend's house, and so he drops off the radar.

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