Philip Lee
Vital Statistics
Full Name Jin Hai Li Chang (birth name)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Parents Clifford Lee (Father)
Other family David Lee (brother)
Steven Lee (brother)
Ben Lee (brother)
Character Information
Appearances Kick the Ballistics
Portrayed by Lanny Joon

Philip Lee born Jin Hai Li Chang is the oldest son of Chinese mob Hui Ye Tong leader Clifford Lee and also brother of Ben, David, and Steven and a rival of 3XK after meeting him in prison during 3XK's four years in prison.

While 3XK was dodging the authorities, he met up with Philip and ended up giving him Detective Ryan's stolen gun. 3XK then told him a location of where he would be going, unaware that it was fake coordinates in order to trap the authorities. 3XK then fled.

After finding out from Finn McQueen that his brother Ben Lee had fallen in love with his tutor Jane Herzfeld and was planning on leaving the country. He then went search and find Jane and killed her to prevent his brother Ben and her from leaving.

After Jane's body had been discovered he was found and brought into the interrogation, but didn't tell the authorities anything.

During this same interrogation, Detective Ryan became convinced that he had killed Jane, but due to inconclusive evidence and a sturdy lawyer, he was allowed to leave, but not until after Ryan gave him a warning that he will catch him.

Despite this, Ryan was eventually able to get his brother Ben to confront him about Jane, which ultimately lead to cops surrounding the complex they were in and shooting his brother Ben, unaware it was a ploy to get Ben free from the family.

He was then interrogated and eventually confessed to killing Jane, unaware his brother was, in fact, alive. Philip then cuts a deal by telling the authorities where they can locate 3XK, not aware it was a fake location. He was then taken into custody for the murder of Jane Herzfeld, the team concluding that the deal wasn't worth it as they doubted that 3Xk would be where he'd told Lee he would be.

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